Thursday, June 15, 2006

New strain of killer heroin on the market

Here's the link to a frightening story about a new additive being put into heroin. Isn't it odd that users don't feel, well, used by the drug-distributing system? Think about it: the labs can slip additives into their dope, alter their minds, kill off a few, decide the highs should last a little longer,or not, whatever...and the users don't even know they're being messed with. I know my son HATES being manipulated in any way by any oneā€”and yet the drive to use is so strong that it overpowers that natural instinct not to be controlled.


I can't decide whether to show my now-non-using son this or not. Why open a can of worms and make him think about the highs he used to get? And yet...could he see things in a different light yet? I don't know.



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