Friday, April 07, 2006

Ireland pics

We're back home -- got in Monday night, and I promptly got whacked Tuesday with a horrid case of flu/bronchitis. So I'm still down, and counting this among the worst sicknesses I've had in terms of feeling just utterly awful. So I'll keep this short.

Ireland was beautiful. We were mostly there to work, so only had bits and pieces of time to explore, but it was great when we did. A few of the many, many gorgeous vistas we ran across as we made our way from Dublin to Killarney:

(Sorry for the weird text formatting - I don't feel well enough to figure out why and fix it. Please excuse!)

Exactly the width of one small car. Tons of roads like this, even through the mountains.

The rugged coastline of soutwestern Ireland. I wasn't expecting this kind of stunning vistas.

Sheep, sheep, and more sheep. This was another time we got lost, and ended up in Glendalough, a gorgeous spot.

Every town looked like this: colorful, tiny, and steep. Totally enchanting, but a bit nervewracking to drive through.

See those gray lines down by the water? Rock walls. Everywhere, all over the island, making a stunning patchwork of pastures.



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